Joanknecht introduces workations for all employees

Joanknecht introduces workations for all employees

13 October, 2022

With digitalisation offering the possibility of working anywhere virtually, the popularity of working holidays is on the rise. A study was even conducted on the subject: out of 7,000 respondents, 43% said they would consider a workation. Generations Y and Z in particular are the most inclined to do so. They feel a strong desire to travel, to see more of the world and to be flexible with their work and free time. Joanknecht is responding to this trend by providing opportunities and actively encouraging workations.

Marlies Vervoordeldonk, Team Lead Marketing & Communications: “We want to captivate, engage and retain people, and we know we have plenty of colleagues here who are keen to experience something of the world. So the concept of workations, combining work and holidays, suits us perfectly. We are affiliated with PrimeGlobal, a global association of advisory and accounting firms. We currently have workation arrangements with eight European partner firms in cities such as Paris, London, Berlin, Zurich and Copenhagen. Of course, we hope to host our international colleagues in Eindhoven as well.”

How workations work

Vervoordeldonk: “You choose a country and a participating city, and arrange your travel and accommodation. The PrimeGlobal member concerned will provide you with a desk, coffee and a warm welcome. The duration of your stay is by mutual agreement of course, but on average it will be for one or two weeks. For example, four days of work followed by a long weekend. Or a week of holiday, followed by a working week. You continue with your work as usual, just in a completely different environment for a time.”

Growth opportunities

Before the workation could be rolled out at Joanknecht, a pilot programme was needed. Marlies Vervoordeldonk volunteered. “I’m learning Italian, so I chose Milan. It was a very valuable experience, for me, Joanknecht and the ‘colleagues’ from our fellow Italian office DG Tax. PrimeGlobal aims to make connections in every layer of the organisations that are collaborating. The workation is a win-win for everyone.”

As far as Joanknecht is concerned, the workation cooperation can be happily extended to other PrimeGlobal members, both inside and outside of Europe. “We also have close contacts in North America and South America, for example. The intention is to make much more possible over the period ahead.”


Joanknecht is an active member of PrimeGlobal, one of the largest associations of independent advisory and accounting firms in the world, with more than 300 members in over 100 countries. PrimeGlobal is an energetic organisation with an international spirit that brings people together and promotes the exchange of knowledge and contacts. PrimeGlobal members are able to guarantee the same service and quality for their clients, conducting business across national borders.

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