netherlands ideal location expansion in europe

The Netherlands: the ideal location for expansion in Europe

The Netherlands: the ideal location for expansion in Europe

6 May, 2020

Do you think about establishing a branch or a company in Europe? For companies expanding operations in Europe, the Netherlands emerges as an ideal location based on a study of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).

Figures on expansion destinations

The NFIA conducted a study of corporate executives in North America and discovered that 77% of site selectors have considered a Western European location for client facilities, while 65% of corporate executives have done the same. In 2019, 397 businesses set up a shop in the Netherlands representing 4.3 billion euros of investment.

The Netherlands: the center of Europe

The Netherlands rank high in terms of business climate. It is ideally placed between major European markets. So, what are the main reasons for doing business in the Netherlands according to the study of the NFIA?

  1. Top talent at a reasonable cost: high level of talent competitiveness, a robust university system and Dutch people are among the most proficient in English. This creates a good availability of skilled workers which is an important factor in expansion decisions.
  2. Pro-business climate in the Netherlands: rules and regulations foster innovation and growth, the economic climate is stable (second most economically stable in the world) and there are good connections to other European countries trough airports, seaports, roads and rails. We as Joanknecht are happy to be close to Eindhoven Airport.
  3. High quality of life: the Netherlands rank 6th in the world according to US News. Apparently, Dutch happiness is attractive.


How to set up a business in the Netherlands?

We can inform you about all relevant steps to be taken with regard to regulations, taxes, formalities and so on. We would be happy to sit down with you personally (online or in real life) to determine in which way our team can be supportive to you and your company. Meet our team here.

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