Setting up a business outside the Netherlands

Are you planning to expand your business across borders? Do you think about establishing a branch or a company in a country abroad? We can inform you about all relevant steps to be taken with regard to regulations, taxes, formalities and so on.


Our experts assist you with for example cross-border tax issues, business structuring, VAT consequences, transfer of employees, identifying and controlling risks and opportunities of doing business abroad. We would be happy to sit down with you personally to determine in which way our team can be supportive to you and your company. Moreover, through our global network we match you with a local expert in the country of destination.

Latest news

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Latest news

  • Companies that invest in technology may be able to use the innovation box scheme to reduce the amount of corporate income tax they pay.

  • At the beginning of this month, the National Cyber Security Centre drew attention to serious vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server.

  • Just as in previous years, it will be possible to utilise investment facilities like EIA, MIA and Vamil. The goverment also introduced BIK.

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