Serious vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Server

Serious vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Server

16 March, 2021

At the beginning of this month, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) drew attention to serious vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server, an e-mail platform that is widely used by businesses and governments. Both the probability and the damage have been classified as high by the NCSC. It has since also become known that there is wide-scale misuse of these vulnerabilities.

What can go wrong?

If the vulnerabilities are exploited, it becomes possible to bypass the Microsoft Exchange Server authentication and install external code (malware) on business networks. This gives malicious parties access to all e-mail correspondence and e-mail addresses, enabling them to copy and forward them to an external address for further abuse. By installing malware, cyber criminals can also gain access to the Exchange environment for longer, even until after the released patches have been installed. The result is that your network remains vulnerable to further compromise.

What can be done?

As so often, the best defence is to install all available patches as soon as possible, and to continue monitoring the computer network extensively for possible abuse. If you suspect a breach or hack, make sure to call in the help of a reputed specialist and, if necessary, report the incident to the police and the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA).

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