PrimeGlobal world conference 2019

PrimeGlobal World Conference 2019

PrimeGlobal World Conference 2019

11 December, 2019

The PrimeGlobal World Conference 2019 took place in the beautiful city of Rome, from 2 to 6 November. ‘Building bridges’ was the central theme. The 2019 conference was all about coming together through meeting new people, tightening existing contacts and exchanging knowledge. During these days members from all over the world came together to discuss substantive topics and to participate in networking activities. Joanknecht was present as well. Colleagues Edwin Vogel, Mark-Jan van der Weerden and Marco Verhagen travelled to la bella Italia.

All boards together

For the first time all regional boards and the world board gathered together at the same place prior to the conference. Our colleague Edwin Vogel is member of both the EMEA board (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and the world board. “Around the world conference, important meetings of all PrimeGlobal boards together took place. These went very well. I look to the future with confidence. We will extend the mutual cooperation between our members. Besides, it was the first world conference with Stephen Heathcote as the new CEO. It was a special and considerable conference and I really enjoyed it.”

Inspiring speakers

The organisation committee composed a full program. Various substantive topics were covered: from tax aspects to cybersecurity. Most impressive was the presentation by Natalia Cohen named ‘Losing sight of shore’. She told about the challenge she accepted: with four British women she rowed across the Pacific Ocean from California to Australia without the support of trailing boats. Her story was about accepting challenges, teamwork, a positive mindset and overcoming problems. It was so inspiring that the crowd was covered by complete silence. A documentary film based on Natalia’s story is available on Netflix.

Furthermore, an Italian senator told about the general economic developments concerning the trade war between America, China and Europe. Finally, futurologist Magnus Lindkvist discussed the question what the future will bring to us. He indicated various developments, like the influence of artificial intelligence on human life. About treats and opportunities: how can we handle these in the best possible way?

Dining in Roman style

Next to the substantive topics the program consisted of much networking activities as well. It all started with an opening dinner on the first night followed by a gala dinner in Roman style the next evening. Our colleagues Mark-Jan, Marco and Edwin were fully dressed in Roman gowns especially for this occasion.

Mark-Jan led a discussion meeting together with Simon Brownbill, equity partner of HURST in Manchester. Prior to the conference all participants could send topics they want to be discussed. These topics about a wide range of organisational issues were discussed in the group, for example ‘how to recruit appropriate employees?’.

During the world conference participants could join braindate sessions. Trough the event app you could sign up as an expert in a specific area, such as IT security, or as a participant in one of these expert sessions. Experts and participants made appointments and were able to discuss the relevant topics at a moment of their choice. Finally, all participants explored the city in small groups. Solving puzzles led the groups through Rome from highlight to highlight. This city tour ended with a flashmob on one of the many beautiful squares in the city.

Joanknecht and PrimeGlobal

Joanknecht is an independent member firm of PrimeGlobal, one of the largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world, comprised of over 300 highly successful independent public accounting firms in 80 countries. PrimeGlobal is an energetic organization with an international spirit that brings people together and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and contacts. As such, PrimeGlobal itself does not offer professional services to clients; each member firm acts as an independent partner towards its clients.

Through PrimeGlobal, independent member firms offer the strength and capabilities of a large, worldwide organization with a wide range of services, technical depth and geographic reach impossible for a local firm alone. PrimeGlobal members share the same core values: quality, professionalism, proactive and personal.

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