From Eindhoven start-up to European company

From Eindhoven start-up to European company

25 June, 2021

For online training courses on soft skills that are fun, wide-ranging and easy to access, GoodHabitz has what you need. What started out as a start-up in Brainport ten years ago is now a growing company across Europe. All training courses are developed and created in their studio and head office in the centre of Eindhoven. “We want to be the Netflix of education technology,” says Huug Fernig, CFO at GoodHabitz.

For a fixed annual fee, companies can give their entire workforce access to a wide set of soft skills training courses, from job interviewing and conducting performance reviews to collaborating and giving presentations. There are now around six hundred available. You can choose different learning methods ranging from short documentaries to magazines and assignments. Always fully digital. “It quickly became so successful in the Netherlands that we decided to expand into Germany and the United Kingdom in 2017,” Huug remembers. The training courses are now available in several countries across Europe, including Spain, Italy, Austria and France.


An important principle that GoodHabitz abides by is ensuring that the content for each country fits into the customs and culture of that country. “You can’t simply dub the host of a Dutch training course into another language and stick the written content through a translation machine; that doesn’t work. We make sure every host is a known personality in each individual country. And we make sure that the jokes and images are appropriate for a country’s culture,” he explains. GoodHabitz can really make a difference that way. The fully digital approach makes the company a true innovator in the market.

”We want to be the Netflix of education technology”


There is no question that the demand for training courses on soft skills is high. “Soft skills, such as how to give a presentation or converse in business, are becoming more important in our daily work and in today’s education,” Huug says. “The basic elements are all well organised in European business. That creates additional room – and a need – for skills aimed at working together better and more effectively.”

International network

To keep everything running smoothly in all countries, GoodHabitz has formed a partnership with Joanknecht. “We want to adapt the training courses to the countries where we market them. That’s why we also have branches in different countries with local representatives,” he explains. That means we need lawyers, payrollers, tax consultants and all kinds of other professionals who know the rules and laws in a particular country. Joanknecht collaborates with consulting organisations all over the world through the PrimeGlobal international network. “These offices serve the SME sector, which is precisely what we are, in the countries where we operate. So they know what we need,” says Huug.

“The communication lines are short,” he continues. GoodHabitz liaises with the various international offices to ensure they comply with the laws and regulations of a specific country. “The offices also consult among themselves, removing all concerns for us. That’s exactly what I want as a fast-growing company,” says Huug. “We’re doubling in size every two years. Service providers need to be able to grow at the same pace.”

New premises

GoodHabitz will keep growing in the coming year, both abroad and in the Netherlands. That means the head office on the Willemstraat is already too small and will move to the fully renovated and iconic BunkerToren building opposite the railway station in 2022. “We have a lot more space there,” says Huug. “Now we’re recording all training sessions in a fifteen square metre studio. There we’ll have six to nine hundred square metres. And the equipment will also be much better.” This opens up new possibilities such as streaming webinars. “The Good Studios are coming!”

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