How to set up a business in the Netherlands: our experience

How to set up a business in the Netherlands: our experience

30 December, 2019

We have assisted a foreign company in how to set up its business in the Netherlands. The parent entity of this company is located in Germany. Because of expansion of the business to the Netherlands, it preferred to have a legal entity in the Netherlands. This is how we assisted:


Peter-Paul, general tax adviser:

I engaged in dialogue with the company, to assist in choosing which legal form of the business in the Netherlands would be most suitable. We concluded together that the Dutch legal entity ‘Besloten Vennootschap’ (hereafter: BV) suited most to the activities that are going to be performed in the Netherlands. Subsequently, I have coordinated the process with regard to the incorporation of the BV and the correspondence with the Dutch notary to ensure all questions of my client were answered and that the process of incorporation went efficient. Since the BV was incorporated, I advise the BV with regard to transfer pricing and other corporate income tax issues. I involved various other colleagues too for settling different problems with regard to other taxes and compliance.


Rianne, VAT expert:

The BV was going to perform different kinds of activities in the Netherlands. Also the BV was planning to import and export goods. Therefore, I have analyzed the situation and provided the company with the VAT consequences of their activities. In case of importing to or storing goods in the Netherlands I adviced our client on the VAT consequences.


Fabiënne, global mobility expert:

Since activities in the Netherlands were to be performed by people, the BV hired employees. I advised the BV how to optimize the remuneration for the employees, taking into account the tax and social security aspects. I have also worked together with an employment lawyer for setting up a compliant employment contract. After all employee matters were settled, Joanknecht has started to provide payroll services to the BV.


Joris, accountant / business adviser:

As the company did not have any experience with compliance regulation in the Netherlands, our team has taken care of all administration and compliance issues. We have structured the administration of the BV together with Rianne to make sure all VAT rules were met. Now, the business of the BV is running and we provide our client with quarterly business advice and the yearly financial accounts.

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