Joanknecht signs horizontal monitoring covenant with Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

Joanknecht signs horizontal monitoring covenant with Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

31 October, 2022

After several valuable consultations, Joanknecht signed a horizontal monitoring covenant with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (DTCA) on 24 October. The structure of the more fully developed horizontal monitoring agreement and the constructive atmosphere during the consultations with the DTCA were the deciding factors in a positive sense.

Why horizontal monitoring?

We expect the conclusion of the covenant to further improve the tax services we provide to our clients, due in part to the more streamlined working relationship with the DTCA. Joanknecht upholds a standard of quality that allows the DTCA to reach a decision on returns and issues in less time. For our clients, this mainly manifests itself in the faster processing of filed returns and other tax-related matters. Moreover, letters with questions and tax audits can usually be avoided. Thus, our clients have clarity on their tax position more quickly.

‘For horizontal monitoring, cooperation is key. By establishing good understandings with all parties involved in the declaration process, we can jointly maintain and improve the quality of those declarations and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort,’ according to a statement from the DTCA.

Horizontal monitoring as a service

With the concluded covenant Joanknecht can now offer horizontal monitoring to its customers as an additional service. Clients decide whether to opt for horizontal monitoring, in consultation with their dedicated tax advisor at Joanknecht. Companies that qualify as small or medium-sized enterprises (in accordance with the provisions of Title 9, Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code) are eligible for horizontal monitoring through Joanknecht’s covenant. Large enterprises can enter into an individual covenant with the DTCA.


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