Have you met Edwin Vogel?

Have you met Edwin Vogel?

1 September, 2018

On 12 June 2018, Edwin Vogel, audit partner at Joanknecht, officially joined the World Board of PrimeGlobal, one of the largest partnerships of independent accounting and tax consultancy firms in the world. Reason enough to shine a spotlight on Edwin.

Tell us, Edwin, what exactly is PrimeGlobal?

PrimeGlobal is a partnership with over 300 independent members in 80 countries. There are four regions: EMEA (Europe, the Middle East & Africa), North America, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. The more than 22,000 professionals in this partnership share the core values: quality, professionalism, pro-active and personal. We work a lot with other PrimeGlobal members to offer our customers global coverage with personal connections.

That personal aspect is a perfect fit for Joanknecht. Is that the reason Joanknecht is a PrimeGlobal member?

It is the exact reason. We do not refer our internationally operating customers to a name in a book, but to a professional we know personally. We are able to contact and find the right person among our PrimeGlobal partners within 24 hours. I particularly enjoy the mutual support. For example, we aren’t quick to bill each other for minor questions we ask each other. We gladly help each other out quickly when we need to.

Can you tell us more about your role on the World Board of PrimeGlobal to which you were recently appointed?

Absolutely. I am known as a member of the strategic committee. PrimeGlobal’s current strategy was written in 2011, when PrimeGlobal was created as a result of a merger between three partnerships. This strategy has a strong internal focus to structure PrimeGlobal as a partnership. Now that that’s in order, we are looking towards the future and broadening our perspective. We will be updating the strategy and in doing so will include trends and developments such as global digitisation, cryptocurrency, Brexit and its consequences.

You are also on the board for the EMEA region. How do you keep up with these developments from that position?

Within the EMEA region, we are currently working to create a better insight in the specialists per office for our members. We want to highlight the fact that we are a partnership of 22,000 professionals. For customers, we want to be able to make better and faster contact with the right people. In doing so, we want to make optimal use of technology. That also aligns with the trends we see at Joanknecht: smart use of technological developments.

Last question: what does the PrimeGlobal membership and your involvement in that mean for Joanknecht?

As an active member of PrimeGlobal, we not only know many good professionals outside of the Netherlands; they also know us. That is a major help when we quickly need information from abroad. Think about it: when you see a good friend calling on your phone screen, you’ll tend to answer the phone right away – more so than when you see a “Private Number” calling. And it works vice versa too: we regularly work for customers of our PrimeGlobal colleagues that need support in the Netherlands. Than can be a simple, one-time request, but it could also be takeover research or a long-term monitoring assignment.

In short: we are an office in Eindhoven with a global reach!


Feel free to contact us, if you need an accountant or tax advisor in the Netherlands or abroad, via Edwin Vogel (audit partner), reachable on +31 (0) 40 240 9515 or mail evogel@joanknecht.nl. We are happy to help you, even outside your borders!

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