GolfTON ambassador

GolfTON ambassador

7 May, 2021

The GolfTON Schaap&Citroen Talent Trophy was held on 26 April. Joanknecht is an ambassador for GolfTON, with the aim of offering young and talented golfers quality training and contributing to developing talent in this sport. Developing talent is also a central focus of our own organisation.

Talent Trophy on 26 April

Lars van der Vight, one of the talents associated with GolfTON, competed in the Talent Trophy. On 26 April, he played 18 holes in a flight with Mark-Jan van der Weerden on behalf of Joanknecht. Lars: “On the Bernardus course, I was able to play in a competition under the guidance of GolfTON. In the tournament, I had rounds of 72 and 76 and ended up in 2nd place.”

Lars van der VightDeveloping talent

Doing what you’re good at enhances your pleasure from work. For this reason, at Joanknecht we work with our people on the basis of talent management, which fits in perfectly with GolfTON’s philosophy.

Lars van der Vight explains the approach: “GolfTON offers us, as top golfers, extra opportunities to demonstrate our talents to different coaches. It’s one of the few organisations that provides good-quality guidance to young talents in the sport of golf.” Lars says that it is also important to provide sufficient support to talented people outside golf. “Last week I was at Joanknecht in Eindhoven. Mark-Jan told met that Joanknecht does a lot in the area of talent development and that there are also a lot of talented young employees working for Joanknecht. That’s perfectly in line with what we’re trying to achieve at GolfTON – investing in the future.”

About GolfTON

GolfTON stands for ‘Talent Ontwikkeling Nederland’ (Talent Development in the Netherlands). It’s an organisation where talented golfers aged between 6 and 24 develop their skills in order to become active at the highest level.  GolfTON is a 10-year training scheme focused on winning majors. Thinking big, but starting small. This is essential if you really want to achieve something. For us, the highest level is the European Tour or PGA Tour, with the dream of having a GolfTON Ryder Cup player in 2031.

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