Foreign nationals in the Netherlands

Are you planning to leave your home country and to move to the Netherlands? You certainly have a lot on your mind. Searching for a house, transferring your personal belongings, finding a school for your children, and so on. Additionally, it involves a wide range of financial, legal and tax issues.


We inform you about these formalities, such as registration in the municipal register and arranging health insurance, and perform checks on for example your labour contract. Besides, we contact your adviser in your home country to arrange all aspects in an efficient and pragmatic way.


We would be happy to welcome you in the Netherlands and sit down with you personally to determine in which way our team can be supportive to you and your family.


Below you can find a manual to guide you through the investment environment in the Netherlands. It offers practical information about the country and how to set u a business, the tax system, labour law, useful addresses and much more. For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact us.


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