October is Cybersecuritymonth

October is Cybersecuritymonth

Cybersecurity Special October 2022

That is why we are devoting extra attention to this topic this month, and have put together a cybersecurity special full of news articles. It contains insights on the risks involved in cyber attacks, what you can do to make your company cyber resilient and how we can help.

But first, let’s put down a few key facts. Did you know that …

  • … your company is 1600 times more likely to be affected by a cyber attack (1 in 5) than a fire (1 in 8,000)?
  • … everyone is affected by a cyber attack at least once in their lifetime?
  • … a ransomware attack occurs once every 11 seconds?
  • 85% of cybersecurity breaches are made possible due to human error?


Cybercrime is the order of the day

When it affects prominent players such as VDL (hacked, suspected victim of ransomware) or the GGD public health service (source and contact tracing name and address details illegally sold), it attracts a lot of media attention. You most likely couldn’t help but notice. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ransomware, data breaches and phishing attacks are commonplace (even in the Netherlands). Per incident,  the damages average around €300,000. In the Netherlands, the annual damages currently amount to roughly €10 billion.

Take the right measures, reduce your attack surface

Experts say that everyone will be affected by a cyber attack at least once in their lifetime. The way in which you are affected is unfortunately beyond your control. However, the (financial) damages and the extent to which the continuity of your business operations is affected can be limited, provided that you have already taken the right measures. Our advice: reduce your attack surface to the greatest extent possible beforehand (based on a risk-oriented approach).

What measures should you be aware of? We are happy to provide you with information on that in this special edition.


Seize the opportunity, become (more) cyber resilient

Don’t miss your chance – learn more about the risks you face as an entrepreneur and what you can do to become more cyber resilient. Our advisers are happy to help. And no – outsourcing IT management to a third party does not reduce the responsibility you bear for your own cyber resilience. You are responsible for ensuring that the provider has taken adequate measures! So let’s get to work!

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