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COVID-19 subsidy programme for SMEs in Eindhoven

COVID-19 subsidy programme for SMEs in Eindhoven

25 May, 2021

The municipality of Eindhoven announced on 3 May 2021 that SMEs can apply for a one-off subsidy to compensate for costs incurred in relation to the COVID-19 support measures. It concerns a subsidy that contributes towards the accountability obligation of drawing up a third-party statement or audit opinion. The subsidy amounts to €1,500.

The municipality of Eindhoven has set up a subsidy programme that enables small- to medium-sized businesses (<250 employees) to receive a contribution amount of €1,500 for costs they incurred for having a third-party statement or an audit opinion drawn up. These costs must be related to an accountability obligation for a national support measure that was granted to them.

Conditions for originator of statement

The third-party statement or audit opinion must be drawn up by a recognised service provider who is member of the NOAB (Netherlands Association of Administration and Tax Experts) or the SRA (Association of Registered Accountants and Accounting Consultants), or who is listed in the Dutch Tax Consultant Register and the Royal Dutch Professional Association of Accountants.

Condition for SME entrepreneur

SMEs with fewer than 250 employees and that were registered as a business with the Chamber of Commerce before 1 March 2020 can apply for the subsidy.

Subsidy application

Applications must be submitted through the Municipality of Eindhoven Business Des k (via In addition to the provisions in article 4:2 of the Awb (Dutch General Administrative Law Act), the subsidy application must be accompanied by:

  • an extract from the Chamber of Commerce that is no more than one year old and a
  • a copy of the invoice for the advice or statement provided.

The municipality of Eindhoven indicates that it receives many invoices that are incorrect. Invoices considered acceptable are those where the costs are clearly described for drawing up an audit opinion or third party-statement as an accountability obligation for a national support measure that has been granted.

Subsidy ceiling

A subsidy ceiling is in place for approving grants for activities as referred to in this subsidy scheme, which is a total amount of € 250,000. The ceiling has not yet been reached and applications are therefore still welcome.

Subsidies will be awarded in the order of receiving the completed applications and until the subsidy ceiling has been reached.


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