Are you thinking about setting up a business outside the Netherlands? Or are you located outside the Netherlands and planning to expand your business to the Netherlands? Or are you having plans to immigrate to or emigrate out of the Netherlands?

In all situations, many (fiscal) rules and regulations should be dealt with. We provide you with an overview of the actions to be taken and we arrange (the coordination of) the execution process. Our goal is to help you move forward with pointed analyses, surprising insights and practical advice. In cooperation with you and our PrimeGlobal partners we find better solutions and identify great opportunities.

Welcome to the Brainport area, the centre of Europe!

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Teamwork is the critical factor in supporting your organization to achieve its objectives. Our teams are composed based on specific characteristics that match your organisation and your needs. Your fixed point of address is your trusted representative. We believe teamwork also means your team cooperates intensively with our team.

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